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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  December 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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car warm. >> it better be able to call me so i don't get a ticket from a cop who's been waiting since i arrived. it better be able to say thank you. >> our condolences go to downtown drivers in chicago. bank of america hitting a fresh 52 week high earlier this morning and then suddenly turned lower where the broader market is down, over 2%. de deckers is up sharply after a forecast of increased margins for the maker of ugg boots. they were the most searched online retail for this holiday season even more than ipad and kindle fire. that's a big move for today. >> that's it for us on "squawk on the street" and back to deckers and "fast money"
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halftim halftime. thanks very much. the dow is approaching a triple digit loss. here's what we're following on "halftime" today. solid foundation, a great year for housing stocks. now the experts will tell you whether the gains will continue or time to put your shares up for sale. the friendly skies with delta among the airlines and whether it can soar in 2013. first, our top story, cliff diving. the dow down in a fourth straight day in the so-called fear gauge and the vix is spiking and the leaders appear no closer to a deal. our traders are taking note and making stunning moves as a result. dr. j., it was your note this morning that shocked us. what are you doing in the market
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right now? >> well, for the first time in 31 years in the market, i am completely out of everything. closed the last of my a "gq" this morning, the double etf with short puts and long calls. had a nice pop today, got out of that. i see no reason to stick with this thing. no reason to get short either. on the short side, i think we could see 20-50 handles on the upside if they found a way to get around this. i think we assured ourselves we will get very small deals done and getting our debt downgraded february or march depending when we get to that debt ceiling increase. >> josh, what are you doing? >> we raised a little bit of cash. we're certainly nowhere near fully out of this market. we continue to think it will be a very similar year this year to last year. some of the risks are to the upside. i will give you a for instance. we get to january and dems come in with a proposal to cut taxes on people making below half a
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million dollars. everyone has to vote that through. that will be bullish for the market. these are the type of things to think about. >> are you shopping around for what you think are bargains on the market? >> we closed our books a couple days ago. this is not my type of administrati atmosphere. i called it garbage-time on the web. any trading now in size probably has to. for most, it's a better bet to allow the higher beta stocks to move and sit tight. >> we're sticking with our long positions as we discussed. we're really taking up our shorts. the reason being, it looks as if we're going over the cliff. i don't think any thinks it's a long term problem. when the resolution comes, like doc said you will get a rally. we are sticking with long runs and picked up vix and s&p shorts
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and increased short positions against every one of our longs and will be there when the market rallies but protected for right now. >> you paid a little more than you would have a few days ago. the vix fear gauge has been spiking above 20 for the first time since july. >> exactly. when you see the vix spiking above 20, you say maybe things are getting a little hairy here and wanted to see it above 20 before we got long. >> joe, surely, you're not surprised we're expected to go over the cliff. many people have predicted that for years to come. are you sitting on the sidelines? >> i have nine names, some are financials. i believe when earnings roll around in a couple weeks, that's where we find the strengths. i'm not adding to positions. the apple position is at half size. i'm sitting and holding serve to your point, new year's eve.
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we understand the ball will be dropped not in time square but the grand canyon and truly go off the cliff. whether you get a resolution, you need something to be a catalyst to the upside beyond what we get in january and that to me is going to come down to earnings and you have to think about what -- >> who likes the market? >> scott, no one will walk around january 2nd, we're over the cliff, i feel totally defic different than december 31st. >> absolutely. there's all these misnomers and a slope and hoernz. let's talk about human nature. when the bomb doesn't detonate and we all wake up and look around, the reality is you will put your kids on the school bus, make them lunch, go to your job, 90% of the economy. >> if you continue that and the economy you just mentioned, seems to be improving. >> it is what it is. a 2.2% growth rate, that's the
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economy we're in right now. that won't change much on january 2nd or 3rd. >> here's why it could have changed. we just had holiday sales coming at the worst level since 2008. that's not good. it's not all on sandy. >> depends how you read that metric. when the story is finally told, not .7%, somewhere higher than that. m moo. >> maybe it will. it's not all sandy, people cutting back already, whether military families cutting back dramatically because of sequestration or people who work at defense contractors out of jobs. there's a lot of bad heading our way. to josh's point, people will still send their kids to school and still go shopping but everybody is going to cut back how they shop. they will be trading down, judge, i think. and these idiots from harry reid to the president on top and john boehner included, i'm equal
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opportunity, it's horrible. >> we heard the same thing at the end of 2011 europe would spill to theist and the u.s. consumer was changing their habits. i'd like to point out the discretionary consumer is the second best in the market this year, 21%. any whoever made a bet against the u.s. consumer -- >> what kind of pullback are we talking about? if you guys like the market through the early part of 2013 -- >> i don't like it in january, judge, for what i just mentioned because we will see tax laws selling. we have not seen. we have seen gains selling, people taking gains. when they start taking these loss and when all the rest of this stuff kicks in, that's when i worry these guys will make an even worse deal in panic in january. >> let's go to our guests. what is the best way to protect
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your money with the cliff deadline a few days away, jason pride, director of glenn me. how are you doing? how do you perceive the markets with a couple days of trade iin left? >> i kind of agree with the consternation and concern of washington and everybody there. we look at the position of one of three possibility, back to upside normalized growth, complete downside recession. and the middle of the road scenario, we begrudge this and keep doing it sloppily every once in a while, as we have been recently but manage to make our way longer term. we think that scenario is more likely and the upside has to be
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discounted and downside scenario we have to recognize is not an immaterial risk. positioning portfolios, this is not an environment to hide and cash in treasuries but not blindly buy any and all equities out there, you pick the risks you take, buy quality dividend companies to protect those portions of your portfolio you're taking some equity risk with. use covered calls and sell options to cap your upside but give you extra cash flow in the other two environments, then use other defensive mechanisms, risk taking but still defensive in orientation. high yield bonds, bank loans, sovereign debt in the emerging markets getting 5-7% interest payments for two year debt along the way. any of those environments or situations, you're likely to get improved returns on your portfolio or fairly good returns without the same list of
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equities and without under-performing inflation like you will be in cash or traditional treasuries. >> jason, i agree with a lot of what you have to say. i want to focus on high quality dividend stocks. there's an issue there. a lot of people flocked to that sector this year. it underperformed, number one and number two, they're very expensive, utilities, telecoms for verizon. these are considered quote-unquote high quality dividend dents. where else can we look so we doesn't ends up with historic valuation metrics. >> this is an important definition you have to strike. not utilities and telecom, the high dividends, some high quality. we're looking for stable businesses with large profit margins and growth in dividends. not necessarily high dividends, but they're there and able to
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sustain in growth over time. yes, those have been bit up but not as dramatically as utilities in tele-con and still positioned to grow dividends. evaluation is not necessarily stretch but not necessarily steal at this point in time, but an environment of slow sluggish growth. earnings growth and dividend growth important. >> give us what fits that definition outside of utilities and telecom. >> our thoughts, philip morris international. great international play with emerging markets and global exposure for its brands. hefty dividend, continue to grow. colga colgate-palmolive, young brands and solid growing dividends. some have fluctuation, but the point is get one stable that can carry through downside scenarios if the fiscal cliff and other events were to happen. >> what kind of down side do you see to the market?
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how low could we go if we get a pullback whether the end of this week or coming weeks of 2013? >> i want to caution, this is not necessarily our base case. in the situation everybody gets concerned about what's going on and there isn't a resolution that comes about quickly in january, you can easily see a 5-10% in the down market due to regular fluctuations, give yourself the luxury and flexibility to react to it in a positive way by buying stocks. if you build in some protection, you can handle the downside and buying it when the downside comes. >> thanks a lot. look forward to having you back on "halftime" sometime soon. >> i agree with a lot of what jason is describing but he's describing a bond friendly world. i do not believe we can have a bond friendly argument.
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>> something has to give. >> something has to give. >> what is the catalyst? whether bond market out of equities or treasuries continue to go higher? >> i mentioned to you before i believe corporate earnings are being overlooked in terms of their part in the equation in 2013. heaven forbid we get a miss in corporate earnings in january, i think we will have a big problems in the equity markets itself, i think one of the big indicators early on. >> s&p stock seeing a nice spike today, from the desk. sully. >> yes indeed. it is the fourth best performer this year in the s&p 500, the single bess performer today. there is no news but continues to move higher and double officially year-to-date. up 106%. let's talk about fiscal cliff guys and concern about the consumer apparently hasn't spooked investors on the idea, hey, some people still may
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travel, maybe even to great cities like belmor, long island or chicago or new jersey where the "fast money" team resides. >> sully, thank you. when you have airline stocks hitting new highs, ex-speed 82 is doing well expedia. who is a buyer of expedia? >> what's interesting about those stocks, they don't necessarily require a massive uptick in overall travel but consumer looking for ways to save money. that's essentially what they are, money saving toolings if you have to travel. >> no buyers of priceline at this table? think you will see priceline do well in 2013 because of potential recession fears., one of the biggest priorities with the european countries and think it will continue. >> i would stay with expedia and
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trip adviser also. both of those lines have paulle money out of priceline. >> i'm in trip. straight ahead, four struggling retailers on a make or break year. delta had a ticket to for 2012 and we debate whether skies will stay friendly. first, where's the leadership? we tackle which sector may rise. we're not talking d.c., the market as the battle over the cliff intensifies in the nation's capitol. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket.
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welcome back. stocks at the low of the daybreaking below 13,000 for the first time december 5th. you see 13,011. where's the leadership? we know there's little demonstrated in d.c. these days. we turn our focus to the stock market and which sectors will stand up and deliver for you in 2013. >> look at the finanicals leading the market lower. about financials, fundamental improvement they have and reserve releases they will continue to see, good expense
12:19 pm
management in a housing recovery. we talked about housing over and over again and financials over and over again. i think you look at regional banks, large cap finanicals and capital markets at goldman sachs. >> is that your topic? >> in terms of positioning where i look at it right now, that's where most of the money is. >> i think it will be technology, judge. i agree with joe about finanicals, because if these guys can finally do something right, these guys being the politicians, i think we could have a housing continuation, great for the banks and well fargo. as far as technology, unfortunately a lot of folks had their jobs taken abase of efficiencies of technology and that trend continues. i would look at stocks from juniper and apple. i'd look at anybody in the
12:20 pm
communitication space. >> why do you say apple first part of the year? are you worried it runs out of steam again? >> i said this again yesterday. what we've seen day in day out the first month we have seen apple rally and then smacked as people take those gains, not loss, gains. that is partly why the stock has been so weak the end of the year. i think that pressure abades the beginning of the next year. >> where is leadership? like financials and technology. both will be industrials, led by housing for 2013 and a big uptick in construction. there has to be special infrastructure plans coming out of washington and that should really get a lot of the industrial names, both large cap, mid-cap and small cap moving. >> you like industrials. you think 2013 will be a pretty good year for the market? >> i think it will get off to a
12:21 pm
better start. i think people are make doing much of the fiscal cliff and you will see us bridging the gap of the cliff. >> do you have a rally you'd hang your hat on? >> not a purebred industrial. standout brand, you touched on earlier, enger sol rand. they could send them over to your house, as construction picks up, ingersoll should be able to take advantage. and one off on that is ford. a great 2013. >> j.b.? >> we're coming into 2013 about twice the waiting in health care than the s&p 500, by far our biggest overweight. we're in the business of secular trends and want to be in something that has staying power. it is a demographic inevitability more and more money will be spent by
12:22 pm
governments and people and during the hour we're taping the show, another thousand people are turning 65. we like the way the stocks are set up technically, almost all out of breakout resistance levels. on the phrfamilia pharma sidsid- >> i will break in with breaking news. we are not taping. >> we're taping and going live to tape. >> so we're not going to edit anything i just said? >> no. it's not going on tape anywhere. >> let's get back -- >> welcome back to live television. >> the logistics not withstanding. >> each of you think a different sector of the market will be the leadership group of 2013. >> interesting no one said energy that over the last couple years was always the sector everyone pointed to. >> let me say something about the three picks, strong cases made. the reason why i wouldn't take
12:23 pm
those trades and why i'm going for health care, on industrials, you need a huge pickup in the global economy for that group to perform. i don't see where it's coming from. midway through the year, i might changes my tune. on financials, it almost never happens, the leader becoming a repeat leader and only happened once with energy. we talk about tech, here's your problem. other than one or two companies, almost all of them are facing secular decline, deflation from intel to hewlett pack ard and microsoft. if you don't have new leadership and hoping apple gets it done, that's why i'm coming to you with health care, dividends are growing and technicals lined up. we don't need a great economy and secular trend of people getting older, where i'm coming from. 2012 was disastrous for some
12:24 pm
retailers and walt saying it could be a do or die moment for some companies like best by, jc penney and radio shack and sears. obviously an important year for ron johnson and jc penney. >> the model i'm looking at is the investment model. is any going to put money in these. best buy, i took a shot at that and that didn't work out. i don't think these names will attract significant investment capital. nothing warrants that. >> if one is, which one will it be? best buy, radio shack or penney? >> i think best buy. if you had to take a shot, it would be best buy. >> radio shack is in option at this point, right? whole option. you pretty much have a finite
12:25 pm
date on it, whenever they run out of money. >> given what's just happened with jc penney, they're up 42% in the last month. and ackman pushed his case elsewhere for herbal life, made money on that side and this side of the trade just recently as this thing has flipped around. we talk about dying ground, they burned their bridges. >> the stock is down huge year-to-date. >> it's down but take that 42% pop i guarantee you shorts are not happy heading to 2013 given that. >> is jc penney shaping up to be the biggest surprise of 2013? >> as long as herb greenberg gets off it, yes. >> if ron johnson can turn it around or get a sniff turn around, if the stock is up 40%, you could get a blast to the upside, if the street turns its psychology on the other side of
12:26 pm
jc penney. >> since they burned their bridges. they told they're all in with ron johnson, obviously, many of these fund managers are all in with ron johnson, too. those are guys i don't want to bet against, especially the stock traded down to 16 bucks. >> in terms of psychology, everything we talked about from jason coming on the show, talk in ing about a bond friendly world to uncertainty, there's no room for error for investments. maybe jc penney works or best buy works but you can't take the shot in this environment. you won't get it why. and the gold trade has hardly budged. why is that? we'll head to the pits to find out. housing on track for the first yearly gain in more than six years. a look whether the trend continues in 2013 and the best housing stock ahead. shares of delta soaring more than 40% and we will debate
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[ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. welcome back. it's time now for our top three trades. first up on the wall, we're taking a look at shares of apple. stocks down 1% today. the company is revealing its compensation package for executives, four top level execs will receive 66 million in stock awards. >> not the reason the shares are down today. >> that's why i left out the word "after." > it's not down because of that. >> because it's the end of day.
12:31 pm
usually it opens higher, did again today, traded up to 514 and now down to $507, a pattern that repeats and repeats and if you're somebody long with this stock you don't like watching it. >> apple stay above 500? >> no. >> really? you think it closes below 5? >> based on the patterns, they have to shake out some people below 5. only temporarily. >> >> i hear you. murphy, a name you've been watching quite some time. >> the stock is still getting killed year-to-date but to this point, it had a nice rally, up 18% per month. these guys pay a dividend over 6%. worth looking at. iro iron-ore should rebound. >> we are watching coach and debating it yesterday. >> we were talking about it yesterday and this is the consumer name that already has
12:32 pm
the sell attached to it. consumer downside and i view it as limited. you could si see a rebound and margins expand. >> loss ticking higher today as d.c. dysfunction increases, the likelihood we will indeed go over the fiscal cliff. now to jackie and future now. >> that's right. you can see it on the chart. gold was lower this morning until majority leader harry reid took to the senate floor and says it looks likely we will go off the fiscal cliff. if we do go off, is buying gold your best bet? even with the cliff looming, gold has done badly over the past month. does that surprise you? >> it does. when you look at money printing going on in japan and the fiscal cliff here and debt ceiling
12:33 pm
limit and relatively weak dollar, gold should have a lot more shine to it. >> not like the possibility of going over the cliff is something new. if gold is getting a bit on cliff fears, why has it sold off in the last month? what's taken so long? >> funny you mention that, they read the headline, harry reid says, looks like we're going over the cliff, i don't think anybody thinks about that. but everybody hits the sell button because they think everybody's going to. there's plenty of reason to buy gold but whatever gold is dealing with on the negative side it is not done dealing with. i don't think it's a good time. we're going over the fiscal cliff but shortly there after, gold is going. long term i want gold but short term not so much. >> now you know what these guys think. what about you? if we do go over the cliff,
12:34 pm
would gold go higher or lower. tell us. sean egan tells us if going over the cliff would mean a slash in the credit rating and ralph acampora, two shows, 1:00 p.m. >> we'll catch you at the top of the hour. give me a target for gold next year. it's at $1660. are we going substantially higher or towards 15? are not and gold and silver has had every reason to move higher in the fourth quarter in 2012. it has not. i think the love affair hedge funds have had with gold is over and view 2013 is the year gold will finally under-perform. coming up, delta's flight status, can it continue its flying stock market run into the new year, one stock, two opinions. we debate it. home prices on track positive for the first time
12:35 pm
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welcome back. delta shares are soaring up more than 40% this year. can the stock keep flying high? time for a friendly trader debate. maybe not so much. doc, where's the stock going? >> the stock's going higher. no more about romance and having fin when you fly. we all know that. i do it everyday. it's not a romantic thing. they're makeing $230 million a quarter on baggage fees and
12:39 pm
getting rid of regional jets that only hold 50 people and going to the 787s and crude oil is stable, not going up anymore. that works in their favor. >> pretty good bull case. what's he missing? >> agree old stable but stable over $90. that's a drag. what we failed to discuss we discussed the first half of the show. oil is up 25% the last ten weeks alone. to me, it's extended. i think what you have to see in the industry for them to continue to be profitable is more consolidation. that will weigh on delta and the cliff is one major way. >> isn't that the biggest problem with your argument? everything may be true what you said but the certificate has done so well. due for something. >> the certificate has done so well and already due for consolidation. they've taken northwest.
12:40 pm
that's one of their big wins and expanded where delta operated in the peace and areas they did compete against northwest and eliminated those. that means higher prices. >> josh brown made the compelling argument with delta. >> i think with a stock like delta, stay with the trend. i would stay bullish as well until something changes. if you get a huge spike include, it invalidates it. >> in the control room, can you throw up the dow real quick? i want to point out we're at session lows, down 145 points or so on the dow jones average. back at session lows, not much progress, if any, made in d.c. over the last 42 hours or so over the fiscal cliff and only two trading days after today until we go over. dow broken below 13 thousand where it currently sits.
12:41 pm
nasdaq is getting hammered to y today. you saw apple approaching the low of 505 and not counting several days ago it dipped below 500 bucks. this was a stock at $705, that record high hit back in september. the market is falling out of bed. >> it's not rising above, sinkening beneath. like the politician. >> that's where we have play on leadership. if we're not looking to d.c. we better look to the stock market for all of you putting your hard earned money to stocks and etfs or wherever you're investing and what you're doing. the market is accelerating on the down side. >> you have to watch 1300 on s&p, another key level, through that down to the 1375, 1360 leve level. >> decline not withstanding, housing is another bright story new housing to the highest level
12:42 pm
in two years and home prices on track to mark their first yearly gain since 2006. the strongest performance since the housing bust. the latest in a string of positive data showing a steady housing recovery. joining us is stan humphries, the chief economist at zillow. good to see you on half time again. welcome. >> good to be here and see you, scott. can't hear you. hopefully -- home prices hit a milestone, what the "wall street journal" says, on track, first gain since 2006. do you think the tide has changed? >> 2012 was definitely an unexpect unexpectedly strong year particularly in light of foreclosures we had in the marketplace and large negative equity. in november home prices were up 5.2% from last year on the zillow index and mark ed consecutive gains. the home market is seeing a strong recovery.
12:43 pm
>> you have two deficit confederacy conversations where it has turned around and the second, if you believe it has, the stocks over the past year. for the first question, are we on the up and up? we had robert shiller of case-shiller a week ago, who said he wasn't sold we bottomed. is he wrong? >> yes. i believe he's wrong. there's little doubt at this point home prices bottomed in late 2011 andtron recovery in 2012 and expect more gains in 2013 as more homes come on the marketplace being pulled out of negative equity but we expect home valuation in 2013. we don't foresee further price decline is in the market right now. >> how much demand is being pulled back or healld back by sh a low rate private sector borrower cost environment. we have investors sitting on the
12:44 pm
sideline believing rates and mortgages wilton rise lower and lower and not until they actually rise will they step out and make that purchase. >> you're right, definitely once mortgage rates begin to move up, you will see that impulse of people getting into the marketplace to get mages because they think thed times are over. in any given month in 2012, housing demand was up 20% from last year. measured by home sales, up 15%. new home sales today were 15% from last year. we're seeing a strong uptick in demand and a lot added by investor demand like miami and phoenix where investors make up 15% of the markets. i think that will transition from investors to more mainstream buyers and it will be a good thing. >> stan, thanks so much from zillow. >> what do you do with home stocks in 2013.
12:45 pm
>> i've not been a huge fan of home builder stocks, done really well. i have a little of pulte homes. i will point out we're getting to that point we're getting a positive feedback loop in housing. people are starting to feel better about the money they spend in real estate. >> why aren't you a fan? >> something about the way they've always traded, exactly when they look the most expensive, exactly the best time to buy them and vice-versa when they look the cheapest. not an area we had a huge amount of exposure to. we like home depots and u.s. gypsums and they continue to do well. still on deck, call it the hottest trade in the world, why a plunging yen is creating big opportunities for investors. one of our traders is making a daring short bet on a popular stock. when we come back. she keeps you guessing.
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12:49 pm
corner. will 2013 be the year for shopping? right now, back to scott for the home report. >> thanks. shares of amazon surged 22% this year but is it over? murph has info on this. >> the last time amazon got over to these levels and rolled over, it traded at $218 range. expecting some weakness due to the cliff, we shorted the stock and more today. there's too many things working against amazon, 500 times earnings. we're also long apple ten times earnings. amazon is fighting many deficit fronts, fighting google, netflix, fighting apple. when eventually everything comes home to roost, amazon will have
12:50 pm
their rollover period. when it gets down to the 218 range, we welcome take some off but i think it will go over and crack the $200 level. >> you wont to go an that one? >> no. i think it could have trouble going forward and perhaps that outage on christmas eve on netflix showed the kink in the armor on their web services. wrapping to the highest level in 21 months, the yen hits mult multilevel lows versus the u.s. dollar. let's bring in kathy. great to have you. nice to see you. >> great to be on. >> certainly is a popular trade these days. is it too crowded and likely tie soon? >> there's your question. well, basically the yen trade is the trade of the year that everyone was calling for in 2013. we've already seen a huge move. so i think that, you know, there's a lot of people who have ran into the trade over the past
12:51 pm
month. i think that, you know, while there's still fundamental reasons for the dollar yen to move higher, i think there's a little bit of a pull back. if harry reid is correct and the fiscal cliff talks don't do well, we fall off the cliff, we could have a pull back that finally drags down the dollar yen. >> why is your trade going long? you're going against what you're saying. >> i am. the reason, i think i want to capitalize on the pull back as an opportunity to get into dollar yen for a longer term trade because i still think b.o.j. is going to move forward. i want to use the fiscal cliff pull back as an opportunity to buy back at a lower level. >> the b.o.j. meeting january 21st, 22nd, somewhere in there? >> exactly. i'm looking to buy dollar yen at $84.75 with a stock at 83 and still targeting the higher level of the 87 because i do believe
12:52 pm
once twee go past the fiscal cliff concerns we're going to get a deal sooner or later in the latter part of january. that will revive the overall trade. >> kathy, nice to see you. thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> kathy lien. >> the trade, it's more when you're talking about currencies. it's an investment. it's dangerous to trade it on a cyclical basis. >> yesterday you were talking about buy japanese exporters. >> that's a secular change i'm talking about. i think throughout 2013 you play for a weaker yen. you take the exporters, toyota motors which has had an excellent run from '75 to '91. you continue to play that from the long side. how about komatsu. komatsu japanese industrial that will sell throughout europe, throughout asia. that's also a good name that on 2013 you play for the long side. >> all right. coming up, get the year off to a great start. the top stock market best for 2013 when we come back.
12:53 pm
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not so fast, josh brown. our traders are quick, but they're not always right. a couple months back josh made a bullish prediction on walmart. let's take a listen. >> i like walmart the best. i've been long and i haven't touched it. i don't see any reason why this can't be into the mid 80s, low
12:56 pm
90s based on valuation and the trends of growth that we're seeing fundamentally. >> wow. there was a lot of conviction behind that one. take a look at walmart. down about 9% since that call. what do you do here? >> we started buying in the low 70s going as high as 77 or 76. we ended up kicking the trade at a loss. got out about 70 bucks the other day along with a bunch of other stocks that haven't worked. you know, this is one of those things where you had a breakout lined up with improving sentiment around the stock, analyst upgrades. then they reported a tough quarter and the outlook was atrocious. you have to say to yourself, we liked it but the reasons we liked it no longer exist. i would not be back into walmart at this point. i think with the stock at these levels it's pretty much broken at this point. target looks better. >> let's go to seema moti. >> hi, scott. time to get your man bag out. coach a among other specialty retailers are making a comeback. that's sparking interest in the
12:57 pm
twitter sphere. how do you trade these. the holiday sales were generally lackluster. tweet us at cnbc "fast money." we'll discuss these names and more tonight. >> seema, thanks. final trades are next on "halftime." to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix.
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